Karmaship - Driving The Universal Experience-Based Fair Economy
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join the universal experience-based blockchain economy
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We are currently in our coin distribution phase!

As we develop the fully decentralized Proof of Experience protocol and Experience Marketplace, Karmaship is distributing its KMX coin via airdrops. The current system uses an internal economy design to both protect the newborn currency and stimulate organic growth via KMX Gatherers called 'Karmaconomy Ambassadors'. Becoming a Gatherer is easy! Just find a Genesis Experience near you and attend in person. Once Gathering, you will earn KMX every 30 seconds!
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let’s grow the Karmaconomy together

Whether you’re a creator or experiencer or both, there’s a place for you in this new experience-based sharing economy.


Anyone can become a Creator on Karmaship by offering Experiences on the platform. From events to competitions to classes to retail experiences and digital interactions, any basic offering can be deemed an Experience within Karmaship. Creators earn Karmics (KMX) for these Experiences and reward Experiencers with Karma Experience (KEX).
Anyone engaging in an Experience can become an Experiencer on Karmaship once they validate through Proof Of Experience. Depending on the type of Experience, cost and numerous other quantitative factors, an Experiencer is rewarded Karma Experience (KEX). The more KEX one attains, the more spendable KMX one can gather.

We harness the time and energy it takes to create and engage with Experiences to run the Karmaconomy.

The Karmaconomy empowers individuals through their own efforts and interests by quantifying and qualifying real-world experiences on the blockchain through the new Proof Of Experience protocol. Engage with Creators and other Experiencers to increase your karmic influence and enrich those around you while increasing your importance within the community. As a truly democratic and fair economy, every individual involved has the ability to rise to the top based on their actions and intentions!


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The future of money is now in your hands.

Make your experiences worth something today.