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Get paid in crypto for your experiences

get connected, experience more and grow your wealth today!
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let’s grow the Karmaconomy together

Karmaship is a universal, trustless decentralized ecosystem that empowers creators and experiencers alike by validating and rewarding their real-world experiences on the blockchain. Grow your wealth through Karmic interactions today!


• Create Ticket or Real-Time Experiences in the Marketplace
• Get paid in KMX for your Hosted Experiences
• Near instant deposit, Full Finality
• Reward Customers with Karma Experience (KEX)
• Build Karmic Connections for sustained commerce
• Discover new Experiences & engage with them
• Pay in KMX and receive Experience Points
• Increase Experience Points to Gather more KMX!
• Use KMX to engage in more Experiences
• Share Experiences with friends and grow the Karmaconomy

Powered by the Proof Of Experience protocol Karmaship provides a new decentralized mechanism to fairly distribute digital money.

As a truly decentralized ecosystem, Karmaship relies on the real-world experiences of its users to power its blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum which use computer power through Proof Of Work or coin amount through Proof Of Stake to maintain consensus, Karmaship’s democratic Proof of Experience protocol is environmentally friendly, less open to centralization and much more fair than the current systems available.

Our mission is to decentralize daily commerce and give power back to the people.

Karmaship was conceived and is currently being developed by a band of blockchain and open-source renegades fed up with the current state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the same spirit as Bitcoin, Karmaship development will be available to all as an open-source public utility where future development decisions will be controlled by the community. Those with the most experience will hold the most weight. We welcome everyone to join our community and become active in the future of the Karmaconomy today!