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Become a Karmaconomy Ambassador

Attend a Genesis Experience & start Gathering Karmics today
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Get On The Groundfloor Of This Revolutionary New Economy

The only way to currently earn Karmics is by becoming a Gatherer or by selling something for the coin. The former is a powerful way for those who believe in the Karmaconomy to get involved, earn free crypto and spread the new Karmaconomy. It’s up to all of us to create the network effect and make this a reality!
During this current distribution phase, Genesis Experiences are being held throughout the world, allowing anyone who attends the opportunity to receive a KEX airdrop, become a Gatherer and earn free KMX. Matching Bitcoin, this is an equal distribution of coin sent to every Gatherer on the chain, allowing them to spend coin at events and share it with those on the outside.
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Within Karmaship, KMX is designed to work in conjunction with fiat currency and Gatherers earn way more than they could spend at any single event. This is designed to allow Gatherers the opportunity to be the stewards for Karmaship, spreading the currency out to trusted friends and family who can in turn use it and share it. In fact, thanks to the Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility, it only makes sense that every Gatherer share as much coin to Non-Gatherers as they can to reach for the network effect!

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